Saturday, April 7, 2012

This Bunny died for your sins.

When I was younger, I used to love Easter. It ranked right behind Halloween in the category of "Best Holiday for Receiving Stomachache-Inducing Amounts of Candy." My mom would put together huge baskets of chocolate bunnies, jellybeans and Peeps for me and my sisters, and I didn't outgrow Easter egg hunts until I was well into high school. And, only on the rarest of occasions, she'd make us go to Mass as our fee for spending the rest of the day in a sugar coma.

Then I got older and moved out of my parents' house, and I guess I forgot about Easter. I mean, if you're not religious or under the age of 12, what does this holiday signify? It falls on a Sunday, so you don't get a day off of work. Spring Break traditionally falls around Easter, but nowadays colleges take their breaks anytime between February and April. My extended family would get together for a special dinner, but you'd just as soon see a lasagna or meatloaf on the table as you would a ham. And when you have your own money, you can buy as much candy as you want whenever you feel like it.

But now that my son is a little older, it's my job to introduce the concept of Easter to him. (As dear ole hubs is Jewish, the responsibility of teaching Passover falls to him.) I have to decide if my son's knowledge of Easter will include anything religious at all, or if I'm okay with him thinking this holiday is about massive quantities of sugar in different forms, hidden outside in plastic eggs.

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