Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He named that tune in one note.

Bah bop ah dah.

For the last few weeks, my son and I have been listening to Justin Roberts and The Not Ready for Naptime Players every time we're in the car. I don't mind at all, because the music and lyrics are fun, catchy, danceable, and ridiculously addictive. I've even been listening to the CDs when my son's not around. But I haven't been paying as much attention to the music as my little 2 year-old Justin Roberts fan.

Bah bop ah dah.

Today, my son wanted to hear a particular song. He called it Bah bop ah dah. It sounded sort of familiar, maybe "Koala Bear Diner" in toddler-speak? I skipped over to that track.

No Mommy, I want Bah bop ah dah.

Uh-oh. "Hippopotamus"? "Old Pajamas"? I started flipping through the tracks.

No! Bah bop ah dah!

At that point, I was reminded of one of my favorite "Married With Children" episodes, where Al trys to remember the name of a song he heard on the radio. Hmm Hmm Him, he hums to everyone, and no one can help him figure out what song it is.

Anyway, my little one was getting more and more agitated, so I decided to scan through all of the songs to see if we could find the one he wanted to hear. No such luck. We got home and sat in the garage for ten more minutes before I finally abandoned the search. A full nuclear meltdown resulted, and I rushed upstairs to put him down for his much-needed nap.

Later, as we were driving home from dinner, my husband turned on the radio.

I want Bah bop ah dah, Daddy.

I laughed. "Good luck with that," I told dear ole hubs. "I've already tried every song on the CDs."

"Maybe it's someone else?"

"I don't think so. That's all we've been listening to lately."

We started scanning each song again, letting them play for about 10 seconds so we could feel confident in eliminating them from the running. My son was sitting in the back, saying, "No, das not Bah bop ah dah,"  after we played each song. "No, das not it. No."

We had shuffled through about 20 tracks when all of a sudden....

A new song came on. Barely one note played. Then we heard, "Yes, that's Bah bop ah dah!"

Dear ole hubs and I looked at each other. "What?" he asked me. "Is he serious?" We listened to the first few verses.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Yeah, " I replied. "He's right. That's what they sing at the end." We both turned around to look at our son, who began singing along.

Ba ba ba Bah bop ah dah da da…


* In case you're wondering, it was the song "Picture Day," off the album Way Out. You can hear a preview of the song here. But really, just go ahead and buy the album, or at least go check it out from the library. Even if you don't have kids. You'll come back here and thank me. I guarantee it.

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