Saturday, May 5, 2012

SuperMoon and the Phantom Bike

I'd heard so much talk about the SuperMoon tonight that I ventured out after dark with my camera. I didn't exactly know what to expect, but in the back of my mind I'd hoped for something phenomenal.

Well, the moon was definitely brighter and larger than usual, but it wasn't really that different. If I hadn't already known about the SuperMoon, I probably wouldn't have noticed. 

From Richard Nolle, who coined the "SuperMoon" term, I learned that there is a higher-than-normal incidence of large storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions within 3 days of a SuperMoon event. We live in Southern California and haven't had a major earthquake in a number of years, and every year that passes makes me both more nervous and more careless about emergency planning. 

So, if nothing else, the SuperMoon has compelled me to start putting together an emergency kit for my family. I'll check back in 3 days to let you know what the seismic situation is.


  1. The hype for the super moon made me feel like I was missing something…It was overcast and raining last night here in NJ! Thanks for posting such a lovely photo!

  2. Love the iridescent streaks!