Monday, May 21, 2012

Let me clear the air.

Probably not what you think it is.

We're moving into a new place this week and I decided that I wanted to try a smudging ceremony.

I lit a sage stick and walked it around the perimeter of each room in the house, all the while blowing the smoke into the air and thinking positive thoughts. I asked for blessings, love and prosperity to come into our new home, and I called upon the friendly spirits to help make our home happy, kind, and free from negative energy. I thought a lot about my mom and also about my SIL's mom, who lived in the house before us, and asked them both to watch over me and my family.

All in all, it took me about an hour to smudge the whole house, and after I was done, I felt energized.

I also smelled like a pot campfire. I hope the landlord doesn't notice.

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