Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where all the chefs shop

We were at the Farmers Market today. I wanted to avoid the ubiquitous close-up produce shot, even more so after I saw a lady with her macro lens studying the broccoli at one stall. Luckily, I looked up and saw an open balcony. I thought the vantage point would make for a unique photo.

I was so focused on sneaking into the building and up the staircase that I forgot I'm TOTALLY afraid of heights. I took one step onto the balcony and froze. It took me a few minutes to shuffle close enough to the railing to take a couple of pictures, framing and composition be damned! When I got back down to the street, my heart was fluttering and my knees continued knocking for about 10 minutes.

Photographic evidence: not as I envisioned, but then again, I'm proud of myself for getting the shot.

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