Saturday, March 5, 2011

Avoid traffic - use the Airport!

The one thing that I really hate about this side of town is the traffic. At certain times of the day, it's better to stay home or walk if you have to go anywhere. Otherwise, it's likely that you'll be stuck in the massive Westside clusterf*¢k called rush hour.

Yesterday, we had to run some errands, but we couldn't manage to get out of the house before 5:15. I thought we were in for a long drive, it being Friday and all. But my husband (the superhero) made a right turn and a left and found a shortcut that spit us out right where we needed to go. Lovely!

We passed by this monument on our travels. The plane is a Douglas DC-3 named "The Spirit of Santa Monica." The Museum of Flying, which has been closed since 2002, will be relocated adjacent to this site.

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  1. Yes, the side streets can definitely help avoid traffic! Worst traffic on the Westside ever was Valentine's Day and people were driving on the wrong side of the road!!!